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April 27, 2018
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So, if you haven’t heard or seen the infamous blue suit somewhere on my socials, this week I am up for my biggest award to date… Birminghams Young Professional of the Year (BYPY) in the Marketing and Communications category.

If this was a few years ago I would have been really nervous, but as it happens I am quite chilled and just humbled and grateful to be a finalist in such a prestigious awards ceremony.

When I heard I was a finalist for BYPY I was totally shocked. I had no idea that I was even nominated much less shortlisted as a finalist so you can only imagine my excitement when one of the BYPY committee members called me during a meeting at Kandy Girl. The shock slowly turned to excitement and excitement to affirmation. I have been working extremely hard for the longest time, chasing my dreams. Late nights and early mornings were a permanent fixture in my daily routine.

There has been  many set backs and disappointments but somehow I continually manage to pick myself up and keep pressing on. In business there are highs and lows. Sometimes more lows than highs which can make  you question why you even do what you do. Prior to becoming a finalist I had lost a client, marginally lost out on a big contract and was getting very frustrated. Additionally, Aston performing Arts academy, of which I am a creative director, was undergoing some major changes. Notably, my best friend, and 1/3 of the directorship in the academy and a fundamental piece to the foundation of the academy decided to take a year long sabbatical to focus on his career and family. This left me confused and unmotivated. The prospect of leading a team without my partner in crime was daunting and very difficult. The academy took a hit as a result but both myself and the other director managed to steady the ship with a new initiative we rolled out.

The aforementioned issues at work coupled with a plethora of issues that were happening in my personal life made me doubt myself even more as a parent, son, brother, friend, director, leader and entrepreneur. At least once a week, if not more I wanted to throw in the towel. Give up. On more than one occasion I even saw myself searching ‘Indeed’ for jobs online. I wanted OUT so I didn’t have to deal with all of the stress.

At breaking point, I spoke with a very good friend and mentor of mine who reminded me of my pre-existing accomplishments and told me to ‘keep pushing’. She reminded me of the amazing work Alternative Events and Weddings has done but equally the unprecedented work APAA has done and how it has transformed hundreds of lives of young people from the community. What was also amazing, she reminded me of my strengths as a father and provided counsel at a time I needed it the most. This was echoed from other good friends and family members, all of which I was grateful for their support. In this business a strong support circle is essential.

In all honesty the nomination could not have come at better time. It’s absolutely amazing that someone has recognised me for the work that I do. If I gave up at the first sign of adversity I would not be up as a finalist for BYPY 2018. If I had succumbed to all of the set backs and disappointments and threw in the towel, again I would not be up for this award. So, whilst I recognize BYPY is not the answer to all my worries or concerns as an entrepreneur it’s reinforced the ‘Power of Persistence’.

So, even when your back is against the wall and you feel like giving up, keep fighting. One day God will send you that little thing that will reignite the fire you once had and get you back on the road to success. BYPY was my little light and now I am ready to take all businesses to the next level. Lets go!

The awards will take place this week Thursday 24th May 2018 at the ICC. Wish me luck x

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