Tru Powell

I am a multi-award winning creative entrepreneur, publicity coach and personal brand strategist passionate about supporting entrepreneurs cultivate their personal brands through the power of press and PR.

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“Truly insightful courses”

Tru’s practical, step by step approach will give you a great foundation to start gaining publicity that you and your business needs. I highly recommend that you take this course and learn how to get into the press!

Justice Williams MBE
Behind Her Dreams

“Truly Beneficial"

Something that was of real benefit to me in particular was the clarity of the content. Tru provided such a coherent body of work, he really managed to factor in the necessary information for anybody starting on their journey.

Natalie Scarlett

“Exactly What I Needed”

Tru is exactly what I needed when I was feeling overwhelmed in starting my journey. I highly recommend him.

Charlott Saunders
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